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August 6th-8th

AACC Clinical Lab Expo

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August 6th-8th

AACC Clinical Lab Expo

Anaheim, California

We invite you to visit  Booth #1690 to learn more about multiplex assay development and QS Allergy offerings

Ducks in a Row will be at AACC Booth #1690


About Us


How We Help

  Our expertise is in multiplex assay design & development. We are experienced in creating assays for use in biosensor devices; microarrays in microplates, slides, membranes, films; lateral flow and flow thru devices.  So, whether your need is for an  immunoassay or a molecular test we can help you! 


Why Our Lab

 QS offers exceptional personalized service  for our clients, large or small. We work with startups and international corporations helping them in developing a clear path forward tailored to their needs.  Let us be apart of your team!


Experience the Difference

Our scientists are ready to hear from you! They are eager to understand your unique problem and requirements. We work strictly under  CDA  to develop  Project Scope and Milestones. Lets get started!

Our Services



We have the know how and hands on experience in a variety of fields: surface modification; immobilization chemistries; bio-conjugation; nucleic acid hybridization; PCR; immunoassays; image analysis; microarrays; lateral flow, etc.  

Contact us regarding work in due diligence or technical advisory. 



Our laboratory is available to carryout assay design, feasibility and viability studies under contract.


Product Development

Services include assay and prototype validation, pilot studies and technical transfer.

What We Do

Microarray Production


QS offers microarray services is support of assay development through pilot studies. Several dispensing systems are available each with a capacity to print  slides, membranes or  plates.

Multiplex Assays


QS has been developing multiplex assays for it's customers since 2009.  Formats include plates, slides, nitrocellulose coated slides and lateral flow membranes.

Instrumentation & Assay Kits


QS offers substrates, assay kits and reader imaging systems with data analysis  software. The A2 Microarray System is specifically designed for quantitative multiplex immunoassays.



QS has developed numerous multiplex and singleplex ELISAs for: cytokines, cancer biomarkers, autoimmune, allergy, ToRCH, sepsis in various matrices: blood, plasma, serum, urine.

Lateral Flow


QS is involved in the development of novel lateral flow assays.

Consulting Laboratory


QS provides consulting laboratory services. We assist clients with methods development; assay design; feasibility & viability studies; failure analysis, troubleshooting, as well as, due diligence, IP landscape and expert witness. 


Products & Services for Wellness



QS  is developing immunoassay-based multiplex food allergen tests on a variety of platforms. 

Published Papers


Matson RS (2013) Multiplex Immunoassay for Allergens Using Oligonucleotide Tethering.

15th international Congress of Immunology, Milan, Italy, August 23, 2013, Poster, P-2769

Matson RS (2016) Demonstration of a Multiplex Milk Allergen ELISA using Oligonucleotide-tethered Principal Component Proteins. SOJ Biochem 2(1), 7. 

Multiplex Testing

QS currently offers custom food allergen tests in microplates.  Plasma, serum or dried blood spot punches maybe used.

Assay Services

Contact us regarding IgE-mediated allergen testing,  IgG food intolerance testing, as well as, cytokine inflammatory response.

Our Founder & President


Robert (Bob) Matson, Ph.D., FAACC

+25 years in DNA and Protein microarray-based research & development. Experienced in microarray production; multiplexed assay development, gene expression, mutation, immunoassay, allergen testing; automation; lateral flow, biosensors, novel detection chemistries & devices; surface chemistry.

Inventor, 12 US Patents, 6 European Patents

Beckman Coulter Inc., Inventor’s Hall of Fame 

Fellow, American Assoc. Clinical Chemistry 

Distinguished Alumnus, Western Washington University 

Author, Applying Genomic and Proteomic Microarray Technology in Drug Discovery 

Chemistry Professor, VAMC Principal Investigator, R&D Director


Early Days at Beckman Instruments


Dr. Bob discusses his microarray inventions with Dr. Arnold Beckman.

Technical Books


Dr. Matson has authored several authoritative books on microarrays and multiplex testing.

The Laguna Conference on Multiplex Testing


QS organizes a 1-day conference & workshop on advances in multiplex testing in an informal setting.

Visit our Booth at Upcoming Tradeshows


Jeanne, QS's Director of Marketing & Business Development, is always eager to greet you.  Contact her to schedule a meeting at the next  AACC, SLAS or MEDICA tradeshows.

See you in Chicago


Come for a Visit




Dr. Matson serves as a consulting senior scientist with Scienion US (Tempe, AZ).

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QS  offers BiOptic's Qsep capillary electrophoresis products. 

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Dr. Matson is a Scientific Advisor

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Indigo Diagnostics Limited


IndigoDx represents QS interests in UK/Europe.

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